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Who is Mishéy


Mishey exudes femininity, sexiness, and sophisticated style with exclusivity that allows ones individuality to shine through their soles.


Mishey brings you 100% Italian leather ladies shoes that are hand-made to ensure quality craftsmanship and timeless designs for longevity. We have the shoe lover in mind when designing and concentrate on a wow factor for each style together with effortless comfort.


We know that the Mishey woman wants to stand out and adores her unique heels, which is why we choose to produce limited numbers. She is a smart savvy shopper; therefore we bring designs direct from our workshop in Istanbul, Turkey so she can spend half the recommended retail price due to fewer overheads.


We dare you to chase your dreams in the most exquisite Mishey shoes… and be sure to tag us @misheyaustralia so we can follow and celebrate your journey.