Faux-leather, synthetic, canvas, plastic, rubber, fabric, all these different materials for construction of shoes yet the high appeal of real leather comes out in its sophisticated looks, durability and indisputable comfort. The many qualities of leather shoes are hard to deny.

Leather shoes are more wearable than synthetic shoes. Much softer than man-made synthetics and likely to prevent your feet from swelling and smelling bad (a peg for your nose anyone?) Most synthetic shoes will leave your poor feet bathed in their own sweat (errr... YUK!) while leather shoes are breathable and wick away perspiration.

As women who regularly attend functions that require standing on our feet for long hours, we need shoes that are healthy and comfortable. Which one of us hasn’t regretted those pretty shoes that made us want to cry on the dance floor, 10 minutes into our Girls' Night?? ARGH!

Unlike those nasty shoes made from plastic, rubber, and synthetic materials, leather sole shoes breathe and keep your feet cool. With less sweating ugly foot infections are avoided. Shoes with leather soles are cost effective. Let's bear in mind that unlike synthetic shoes with permanent soles, leather soles can be replaced and repaired. And shoes that can be repaired last longer and are more cost efficient than shoes that have to be replaced. And let's face it, we have a special bond with our heels ladies. (Enter goose bumps at the thought of throwing a pair of a HOT heels out because of damaged inner soles).

In many ways, real leather is like gold (invaluable), diamonds (durable), and great wine (it gets better with age). And just like these objects of desire, real leather does come with an up market price tag; but it is worth every cent!

And we all know, that every sophisticated and successful woman needs to add value and elegance to their wardrobe, with the Mishey real leather shoes and bags range.